Makoto Kikuchi is my wife
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Official art of the Madoka Magica cuties

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what kid

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lmao I play aggressive sniper bruh

sniping is way easy and capping points while doing so is child’s play

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chiefhaqua Asked:
I'm out of the loop. What the hell was the nerf?

Sniper can’t jump immediately after a shot while scoped in.

Actually not that bad, I played and pub rolling was still pretty easy.

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Why play tf2 when literally anyone you see can be pot shotted and dead within the span of half a second?

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thing is, i actually don’t mind a team full of snipers and spies as long as they’re good

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Ahhahahah this has to be one of the worst nerfs I’ve ever seen. First they try hitting demo, now sniper? my sides are in space.

i’m gonna play rn and see if the nerf is really that bad

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Would you rather continue playing endless teams of snipers?

there will still be plenty of baddies playing sniper tho

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was the tf2 sniper nerf absolutely necessary?

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